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Books by Casey Dunn:
Southern-Set Suspense
Silence on Cold River-REV1.jpg

Noted as a Recommended Read by the staff of the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey

"Best Southern Book of the Month" by the

Southern Review of Books

"Editor's Pick" for best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense on Amazon

Three people cross paths in the north Georgia woods one night, setting into motion a race to catch a ruthless and chillingly inventive serial killer.


Praise for Silence on Cold River


"Something far more dangerous than a big, bad wolf inhabits the north Georgia woods. For fans of dark obsession in the tradition of The Silence of the Lambs."

- Booklist

"Dunn ratchets up the tension with each successive chapter enroute to a satisfying conclusion. Silence on Cold River doesn’t feel like a suspense debut but rather the work of a genre veteran. Read it, and you will be on the lookout for whatever

Dunn writes next."

- BookPage

"The author keeps the tone and tempo of the story pitch perfect as these four lives weave together into a complete picture of what is happening in this dark wood.

The crescendo is so affecting, you may want to give up listening to music for a day and appreciate the power of silence."

- SCLS New Jersey

Books by Jadie Jones:
Award Winning Fantasy

Please note: The Hightower Trilogy is embarking on a complete reimagining for new readers with Not A Pipe publishing. For details on the history of this story and news for where it's heading, check out this blog post.

Praise for the Hightower Trilogy

Finalist for the Frank Yerby Award for Fiction

at the 2015 Augusta Literary Festival

Winner for the Best Fiction category during the literary awards ceremony at the 2018

International Equus Film Festival


"Sophisticated writing, merging our world with another . . . Southern flavors paint the pages in this fantastic hero’s journey."

- Beaird Glover

Author of Blue Bottle Tree

"This was plotting on the level of Brandon Sanderson, and I cannot get over the complexity and planning that must have gone into this—

Just plain awesome."

- Elisabeth Wheatley

Author of the Fanged series

"The Hightower Trilogy is riveting as it is thoughtful. [Jones] weaves an intricate adventure with characters that are well-developed and relatable, and world-building that is layered and stunning."

- Shayne Leighton

Author of the Of Light and Darkness series

The Parliament House editions of these books are out of print and are only available as used print copies. Details about the upcoming complete reimagining of the series will be posted here.

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