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Books by Casey Dunn:
Southern Gothic Thrillers
Silence on Cold River-REV1.jpg

Noted as a Recommended Read by the staff of the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey

Listed as a "Best Southern Book of the Month"

by the Southern Review of Books

"Editor's Pick" for best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense on Amazon

Praise for Silence on Cold River


"Something far more dangerous than a big, bad wolf inhabits the north Georgia woods.

For fans of dark obsession in the tradition of

The Silence of the Lambs."

- Booklist

"Dunn ratchets up the tension with each successive chapter en route to a satisfying conclusion. Silence on Cold River doesn’t feel like a suspense debut but rather the work of a genre veteran. Read it, and you will be on the lookout for whatever Dunn writes next."

- BookPage

"The author keeps the tone and tempo of the story pitch perfect as these four lives weave together into a complete picture of what is happening in this dark wood.

The crescendo is so affecting, you may want to give up listening to music for a day and appreciate the power of silence."

- SCLS New Jersey

Three people cross paths in the north Georgia woods one night, setting into motion a race to catch a ruthless and chillingly inventive serial killer.

On a run through the woods outside her north Georgia hometown, defense attorney Ama Chaplin encounters a mysterious hiker and recognizes him, too late, as a sociopath she successfully defended when he was a teenager. In the intervening seventeen years, Ama changed her name and moved to Atlanta, anxious to put her past behind her. Michael Walton, her young client, grew into a ruthless and inventive murderer. And now that he’s caught her, he can put a twisted, years-in-the-making plot into motion.

Neither of them knows that someone else saw her go into the woods alone: Eddie Stevens, whose daughter Hazel vanished on the same spot a year ago. The police think she ran away. Eddie believes the truth is much worse. Grieving and desperate, he’d planned to kill himself to return attention to his daughter’s cold case, but he can’t shake the feeling that something happened to Ama, the runner he saw disappear into the trees. When she doesn’t come back out, he heads into the woods with a loaded gun to check on her.

Meanwhile, the local police department’s newest detective connects the dots between two cold cases and begins to suspect he’s dealing with a serial killer—but time is running out to save Ama, and he’ll need to make some unlikely allies to face down the dangers lurking in the woods.




Silence on Cold River will soon be available as an audiobook! Production rights for Silence on Cold River were acquired by Ground Cherry Press in April of 2022. Stay tuned for updates and release information.

Due to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the release party and promotional tour for Silence on Cold River were cancelled. Oregon Books and Games in Grants Pass, Oregon plans to host a re-launch party for this debut thriller during the summer of 2022. Stay tuned for details!

Books by Jadie Jones:
Award Winning Fantasy

Praise for the Hightower Trilogy

Finalist for the Frank Yerby Award for Fiction

at the 2015 Augusta Literary Festival

Winner for the Best Fiction category during the literary awards ceremony at the 2018

International Equus Film Festival


"Sophisticated writing, merging our world with another . . . Southern flavors paint the pages in this fantastic hero’s journey."

- Beaird Glover

Author of Blue Bottle Tree

"This was plotting on the level of Brandon Sanderson, and I cannot get over the complexity and planning that must have gone into this—

Just plain awesome."

- Elisabeth Wheatley

Author of the Fanged series

"The Hightower Trilogy is riveting as it is thoughtful. [Jones] weaves an intricate adventure with characters that are well-developed and relatable, and world-building that is layered and stunning."

- Shayne Leighton

Author of the Of Light and Darkness series


The Hightower Trilogy is best enjoyed in this order:

Book 1: Wildwood

Book 2: Windswept

Book 3: Wayward

Prequel Novella: Wither

The description of each book in the series is provided below. To protect yourself from potential spoilers, do not read beyond the book you intend to purchase. While "Wither" is a series prequel, it is meant to be read last. 

The journey begins with WILDWOOD, the first book in the Hightower Trilogy.


Tanzy Hightower is not crazy. At least, that's what she tells herself. Crazy looks more like her mother, who studies each sunrise with the same fascination other women give tabloid magazines in the grocery store checkout line. Crazy sounds like the woman on the radio claiming there's a whole separate world existing parallel to our own. Still, Tanzy can't deny the tingle of recognition she feels each time she sees her mother standing at the kitchen window or hears the panic in the woman's voice coming through the speakers of her father's truck.


Tanzy intends to follow her father's footsteps into the professional horse world. But the moment she watches him die on the back of a horse in an accident she feels responsible for, everything changes. On the first anniversary of his death, a fight with her mother drives her back to her father's farm in the middle of a stormy night. Neither Tanzy nor life as she knows it escapes unchanged when she is struck by lightning and introduced to a world unseen and receives proof her father's death was no accident.

Two strangers seem too willing to help her navigate her new reality: Vanessa Andrews, a psychiatrist who believes lightning chooses who it strikes, and Lucas, a quiet, scarred stable hand with timing that borders on either perfect or suspect. But Tanzy has secrets of her own. Desperate for answers and revenge, Tanzy must put her faith in their hands as her past comes calling, and her father's killer closes in.

Tanzy's journey continues in WINDSWEPT, the second installment of the Hightower Trilogy and the perfect story for fans of THE HUNGER GAMES and THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE.

An Unseen World believes Tanzy Hightower is the key in an ancient prophecy meant to deliver the only new birth in all of time. They have waited a thousand years for her soul to return to life in human form. Some will stop at nothing to fulfill the prophecy, and others have sworn an oath to end Tanzy’s existence, permanently.

Tanzy’s body is compromised. Her veins are now home to the blood of a savage, wild horse, and its instincts are becoming impossible to control. Her world is also divided. She is determined to rescue Lucas, an Unseen creature who has loved her since her first life. She must also find her treasured Harbor and the other stolen horses, which are bound for a catastrophic end in a world she can’t access on her own.

Yet the only allies she has left insist she seek refuge in a remote safe house on the Outer Banks. While her fellow candidates beg her to stay in hiding, new enemies work to draw her out, baiting her with Lucas and the horses.

But Tanzy knows all too well that when your loved ones are used as bait, finding them is only the beginning.



Tanzy’s journey races toward an explosive end in Wayward, the third book of the Hightower Trilogy.

Tanzy Hightower has crossed the veil between the Seen and Unseen worlds. She is now the only mortal in a land teeming with creatures who want her dead. To stay alive long enough to stop Asher and seal the door between worlds, she is forced to accept his marriage proposal and seek refuge inside his fortress. Tanzy is certain she can withstand any offers he makes to tempt her into opening the door, but he possesses a bargaining chip she could never have imagined.

On the Seen side of the veil, Tanzy’s allies are fragmented, lost, and leaderless. They must learn to work together as they gather more candidates and begin training to defend their world against unfathomable predators poised to strike should the veil holding them at bay dissolve. While Tanzy has accepted her own inevitable death in fulfilling her destiny, her closest friends refuse to stop searching for the impossible: a way to save Tanzy’s life.

A choice will be made. The veil will change. The worlds as Tanzy knows them will never be the same.

Wither - the Prequel novella to the

award winning series.

For nearly a thousand years, Lucas, an immortal shapeshifter, has waited for Spera, his murdered human lover, to reincarnate.

He has no way of knowing when or where she will return, or if she will even look the same in her new life. He must rely on his ability to recognize the actions of her fiery soul and her knack for attracting a killer king's attention.

After his search leads him to a quiet Norwegian harbor town, a surreal encounter with his own kind leads to devastating consequences, causing Lucas to question his belief in himself and his quest. With his options quickly fading, Lucas is offered help from an old enemy who claims to have knowledge of Spera's return. But it comes at a price: the assassination of the immortal king who took Spera's life. With an army raised and a strategy in place, Lucas is ready to attack, until the sudden appearance of a ghost from his past appears, forcing Lucas to take an even bigger risk.

Rather than killing the malicious king, Lucas must fight the demon within to let him live.

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