About the Author

Casey Dunn was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Her grandfather, nicknamed Casey Jones at a young age by local law enforcement for his habit of hopping trains, would sit with her and spin tales of a Choctaw girl who survived alone in open country. These stories would stay fresh in her mind long into adulthood, and the need to spin tales of her own followed wherever she went.


She moved often, her soul in pursuit of that place where she would feel like she fit in at last. She chased after the next move, the next job, the next random opportunity. But every time, that lost, agitated loneliness was always there to meet her. At 38, she was diagnosed with severe ADHD, and the discontented feeling of being on the outside looking in began to make a lot more sense. This answer was a homecoming in itself, and allowed for compassion, understanding, and patience with herself. This process became all the more important when her seven-year-old daughter was diagnosed, too. 

Casey is the author of Silence on Cold River, which was compared to Silence of the Lambs by Booklist and picked as a book of the month for the Southern Book Review. She also wrote The Hightower Trilogy, published under pen name Jadie Jones (Parliament House Press.) The first book in the series won the Best Equine Fiction award at the 2018 Equus Film Festival in NYC and was a finalist for the 2015 Frank Yerby Fiction award.

She currently has several southern-set gothic suspense and psychological thriller projects that she is excited about. She lives on a farm in Southern Oregon with her family and too many animals to count.