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Silence on Cold River is now available as an audiobook via Ground Cherry Press. Five narrators have been chosen to bring all five point-of-view voices to life in this twisted story that spans more than twenty years, and was nominated for the 2023 Audie Awards. 

Click here to check out a sample of the audiobook on the Audible listing.


A Little Backstory

What's in a name - and why are two author names listed on this website?

Casey Dunn began her career writing fantasy and chose to publish under a pen name that would honor her grandmother - an incredible literary talent who has devoted her long life to the care and dreams of others, and a good friend's mother, who left this world too soon. Combining their names, Jadie Jones became a published author, and a way to celebrate both life and motherhood, which is also emblematic of the Hightower Series as a whole.

When Casey moved into the southern gothic suspense genre, she wanted to keep the brands separate (and her southern Baptist grandmother isn't one for crass language or scandalizing scenes,) so she chose to publish her thriller titles under her own name - as she is a fan of both crass language and scandal.

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